Cattle & cane

Oporto Leeds - Oct 19

The compact and bijoux Oporto in Leeds welcomed Cattle and Cane on their ‘Navigator’ tour ahead of the release of their third album of the same name due out on the 8th Nov. 

This band is made up of siblings Joe & Helen Hammill and their laid back melodic acoustic style has been garnering many favourable critical reviews, most notably from Elton John!

Unsurprisingly their vocal styles perfectly complement each other, and vocal lead is shared throughout the evening by both Joe and Helen. Comparisons are lazy I know, but many critics have likened their sound to Fleetwood Mac, and in this instance, I have to agree. 

Mexico’ their single from the forthcoming album released back in Aug is a clear sign that this is a band is on the right track and reactions from the crowd certainly confirmed this. 

Indeed, at one point, Joe Hammill mentioned that tonight was the first time that he’d heard an audience singing along with some of their tracks. 

Their latest single ‘I wish I knew Jesus’ released 25th Oct has both Joe and Helen sharing vocal duties and this stripped back version was a real high point of the show for me.

This is a band who have genuine talent and their song writing and live performances, may just be enough to allow them to stand out in what is from a music genre perspective, a busy market. 

It’s always good to see and hear a band like this in a small venue, and they continue the Navigator tour right through until mid-November. 

The link below will give you full details.

Catch them on this tour if you can, you won’t be disappointed!