Charly bliss - Headrow house, Leeds 10th May 19

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Brooklyn based quartet Charly Bliss called in at the Headrow house in Leeds which was one of only a handful of shows the band are performing in the UK. Off the back of the release of their new album ‘Young Enough’ Charly Bliss is a band going from strength to strength. 

First up on the stage was Big Joanie who took to the stage at about 8:30. The London Punk trio consisting of guitarist/singer Stephanie Phillips, bassist Estella Adeyeri and on drums Chardine Taylor-Stone opened the show with their distinctive punk, grunge sound. This warmed up the crowd and got them moving. Then stand out track of their set was ‘How Could you Love me’ which the band dubbed their girl group song. Big Joanie were a band I had not heard of before their half hour set however they did a great job opening the show and after seeing their set are a punk band to definitely keep an eye on.

After a short break Charly Bliss  the four piece band consisting of singer/guitarist Eva Hendricks, guitarist Spencer Fox, Bassist Dan Sure and Drummer Sam Hendricks took to the stage just after 9:30 and immediately started their set the first song of their new album ‘Blown to Bits’ which immediately got the crowd moving. The gig in Leeds on the 10th May actually coincided with the release of their second album ‘Young Enough’ and so as singer/guitarist Eva Hendricks said this show was their album release party and so the band and crowd were ready to party. 

As the Gig was the same day as the release of their new album, Charly Bliss powered through a number of tracks from their new album including ‘Under You’ and ‘Camera’ the later of which was one of my personal favourite songs from the gig. The tracks from their new album were very well received by the Crowd who clearly enjoyed the new songs. The Gig was not only the same day as the release of their new album but was also guitarist Spencer Fox’s birthday and so part way through the bands set proceedings were stopped so everyone could sing happy birthday and Spencer could blow out the candles on the birthday cake that was brought out. 

Following this brief intermission the party continued in full swing and the band performed what were clearly some fan favourited from their first album including ‘Black Hole’, ‘Glitter’ and ‘DQ’. the songs from their first album had the crowd jumping and dancing getting the party really into full swing. The song ‘Black Hole’ was clearly a favourite with the crowd singing it back to the band. Charly Bliss Continued on great form and if anything got better and better as the set continued. The closed the set in some style with their 2019 single ‘chatroom’. 

The crowd however were not satisfied and chanted for one more and the band did not disappoint. The band returned to the stage and treated the audience to a fantastic cover of The Killers ‘Mr Brightside’ which had everyone in the place singing and dancing along. Charly Bliss finished with the song ‘Love Me’ taken from their 2014 EP Soft Serve which finished their album release party on a massive high. 

Chary Bliss were a band I had admittedly not heard much of before this gig, however seeing them live and listening to their albums since, I can safely say I am definitely a new fan and will be keeping an eye out for their future work and if you ever get chance to see Charly Bliss live I would highly recommend getting yourself a ticket, going to see this band and have a party with them.

Set List:

Blown To Bits





Hard To Believe

Under You


Fighting in the Dark

Young Enough

Black Hole






Mr Brightside

Love Me

Charly Bliss

Charly Bliss