Cigarettes After sex - cry

Released 25th Oct - Partisan Records

Cigarettes After Sex release their highly anticipated second album ‘Cry’ on the 25th October 2019. The follow up to their self-titled 2017 debut album Cigarettes After Sex is a beautifully haunting experience that will stay with you long after the album has ended. 

The album opens with ‘Don’t let me go’ with its echoing vocals and dreamy guitars gives a very atmospheric feel and really sets the tone for the rest of the album. Recorded in a night time session in a mansion on the island of Mallorca, lead singer Greg Gonzalez explains that ‘the sound of this record is completely tied to the location for me’. The Album continues with the same ethereal feel with several stand out tracks but nowhere can this be felt more than on title track ‘Cry’.


Cry is a magnificent song about letting someone go in order to stop hurting them. This track at times has a slightly euphoric feel which seems to beat odds with the message the lyrics are trying to convey. This creates a fascinating juxtaposition which works to stunning effect.


As Gonzalez explains this album ‘in the end is really about romance, beauty and sexuality’, and Cigarettes After Sex have done a wonderful job in giving this album a feeling of purity that resonates throughout the record. ‘Cry’ is a fantastic follow up album for Cigarettes After Sex’ and is truly a beautiful experience about love and loss that is well worth checking out when it released on the 25th Oct.


Track List:

Don’t Let Me Go

Kiss It Off Me


You’re The Only Good Thing In My Life




Falling In Love