Creed Bratton

Leeds Brudenell - 2nd Oct 19

It’s not often a movie/TV actor rocks up at the Brudenell in Leeds, however on a cold Tuesday night, Creed Bratton called in during his mini UK tour to deliver an evening of acoustic tunes with a huge dollop and stand up and a good time was had by the sell out crowd.

First up it was the endearingly shambolic Sleepy Jake (a former busker from Bradford) who warmed up the crowd with some deft tunes and between song banter that kept the audience engaged. 

Highlight of his set was the Roger Wade original, ‘If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough’. Jake it has to be said is also a mean banjo and mouth organ player. Yes there are a hundred solo acoustic acts out there, and in such a competitive field you need to be just a little different. 

Sleepy Jake may be just be different enough to stand out from the crowd. Personally I hope so.

Just after 9 it was time for Creed Bratton to take to the stage, there may be some of you out there who haven’t a clue who this guy is. He’s and actor and musician and is without doubt best known for his role in the US version of the office. A TV series that ended over 6 years ago, but based on tonight’s audience is still clearly held in high regard.

Creed has been a musician all his life so he’s completely at home on stage, and tonight his set is part music, part stand up comedian.


Musically his style is very much mellow folk with an edge. Opening up his set with a monologue about British food, he muses on the ability to reheat old leftovers and delivers ‘Bubble and Squeak, which he sees as just one of this country slightly eccentric habits.

Between each song he is witty, self-deprecating and only too readily acknowledges that most people are there because of his link with The Office. He even gets the crowd involved in singing along to the theme tune with ‘All The Faces’ about all the characters who featured in the show. 

At one point he even drags one hapless member of the audience onstage (Jacob in this instance!) to hold up a lyric sheet for him during a song. 

His musical chops are on display for all to see with ‘Chemical Wings’ about substance abuse and ‘Heart of Darkness’ which is accompanied by use of a disco ball. Not often you see those these days.

I found myself liking Creed Bratton, not only for his obvious musical talent, but for the fact that he came across as a really likeable, warm and funny guy who seemed to genuinely enjoy performing tonight.

God knows, in these Trumpian times, America needs all the friends it can get, and Creed is clear evidence that not all people across the pond are as mad as the current occupant of the White House appears to be.