Jordan Rakei

Leeds Stylus - Oct 19

Jordan Rakei took to the stage at Leeds Stylus, one of the last few dates before he heads off to America for the US leg of his tour off the back of his most recent album Origin, released in June of this year.

First up on the stage was Arlo Parks who delivered a fantastic thirty minute set full of hip-hop beats and funky guitar riffs. At just 19 years old Arlo Parks delivered a very accomplished set and it is clear from this performance Parks is set for great things. This was Arlo Parks first time in Leeds and I for one cant until she comes back.

Next up was the headliner himself Jordan Rakei. He took to the stage at around 9pm and wasted no time, kicking things off with the opening track from his most recent album ‘Mad World’ which immediately got the crowd in the groove.

Rakei continued to play a range of tracks from across all three of his studio albums going seamlessly from one song to the next keeping the crowd dancing all the while.

It is hard to pin down Rakei’s style as it is clear Rakei pulls influences from a wide range of genera’s from jazz to hip-hop to funk and these genera’s could be felt throughout the set. 

There were however a few constants through out the gig. Those being the throbbing bass and Rakei’s distinctive vocals which at times created almost an ethereal feel to his show.

‘Wild Fire’ a track again taken from Rakei’s most recent album really got the venue going with the crowd singing and dancing along this was one of the many highlights of this gig. ‘Add The Bassline’ was another major highlight of the show with Rakei asking the crowd which song this was having only played the first note. Needless to say the crowd knew exactly which song this was and it went down a storm.

Rakei finished with ‘Talk To Me’ however after the obligatory few moments off the stage Jordan Rakei returned and to perform an encore consisting of ‘Minds Eye’ which closed the show in spectacular style.

There are only three dates left to catch Jordan Rakei on the UK leg of his tour before he heads off to America to continue the tour. However if you are able I would urge you to go and see Jordan Rakei at one of these remaining dates. 

Set List:

Mad World

You and Me




Eye to Eye




Say Something

Street Light

Blame It On The Youth

Rolling Into One

Add The Bassline

Talk To Me

Minds Eye