Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka

Released 1st Nov - Polydor Records

Michael Kiwanuka releases his third studio album ‘Kiwanuka’ on 1st Nov 2019. Working with Danger Mouse and Inflo, the same production team behind his 2016 album ‘Love and Hate’, ‘Kiwanuka’ truly is a masterpiece from the first minute to the last.

Opening with ‘You Ain’t The Problem’ this kicks the album off with a swaggering confidence and a Motown and psychedelic feel that surfaces through out the album. It is clear also that Kiwanuka has taken his singer songwriter skills that earned him such acclaim on his previous two albums and has perfected this. ‘Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love) Intro’ and ‘Piano Joint ( This Kind Of Love) combine seamlessly from one track to the next to create an epic seven minute ballad that is supremely captivating. 

Whilst the slower songs are certainly present in this album, Kiwanuka does not stay in this setting for very long. This album is truly all about the confidence which Kiwanuka displays on the opening track but can also be felt on ‘Rolling’ and ‘Hero’ which are two of the absolute stand out tracks from this record.

Kiwanuka’s third outing shows just how much he has grown as an artist and it is definitely an album that delivers pure quality. Kiwanuka is an album that is sure to be nominated for several awards and it would not come as a surprise if it were to win some too. 

'Kiwanuka' is out 25th October, and I would urge you to give this a listen as it is sure to be one of the best albums you will have heard all year.


Track List:

You Aint The Problem


I’ve Been Dazed

Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love) Intro

Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love)

Another Human Being

Living In Denial


Hard To Say Goodbye

Final Days

Interlude (Loving The People)

Solid Ground