Leeds Brudenell - 16th July

 The Leeds Brudenell welcomed American alt metal band to the venue on the 16th July as part of their mini 7 date tour throughout the UK, and delivered a powerhouse of a set.

Known for their distinctive masks and of course the unique drumming spectacle, the sizeable crowd loved every minute of it.

Getting all health and safety here, it was little concerning to see so much water flying round what it actually a very small stage with lots of cable and power sockets kicking around, but I’m please to say that the evening was electrocution incident free!

Opening track ‘43’ from their debut album ‘Mushroomhead’ set the tone from the start with crashing guitars, distinctive vocals and of course the twin drummers hammering away on their water filled kits which were underlit and provided a stunning spectacle throughout the night.

Tracks ‘Bwomp’ and ‘Qwerty’ quickly followed and ensured that proceedings moved along at a 100 miles an hour. 

As with many metal bands they inspire fierce loyalties from fans, and tonight was no exception with many Mushroomheads instantly recognising every track that was played tonight, and whilst this band are predominantly metal based, they are also a curious mixture of hip Hop and to paraphrase a description I read elsewhere, ‘Electro Industrial’.

It was good to see a band like this play in a relatively small venue and I have to say that they have one of most unique live shows I have seen in a long time. 

At the time of posting this article they only have 3 UK dates left to play in Brighton, Gloucestershire and Exeter. 

I have no doubt that it won’t be long before they visit the UK again, and if you like your music LOUD, with a touch of thrash/metal and a visually stunning live show, you should keep an eye for Mushroomhead.