native harrow review - Loose Music label - Released 2nd Aug

Happier Now

This is the third album from Native Harrow (Devin Tuel) and I will confess straight away that she is a new artist to me. A quick google search told me that she is a New York based acoustic artist with a folk style and delivery very much reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez.

This 9-track outing opens with the lively ‘Can’t Go On Like This’ and immediately reminded me of a kind of laid back US West Coast 60’s folk feel. ‘How Do you Do Things’ is a nice multi layered vocal outing which bounces along and then the tempo is slowed down with ‘Blue Canyon’ which is one of the highlights of the album for me with its insistent acoustic rhythm accompanying her distinctive voice.

Title track ‘Happier Now’ with it’s almost mellow jazz feel, and insistent bass line is a quality mid-point to the album and ‘Something you have’ features keyboards and verges on a gospel feel, which is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

Round and Round’ is a pleasant tempo change with it’s almost rocky feel and album closer ‘Way to Light’ is a 7 minute wig out with slide guitars, keyboards and has an almost hypnotic trance feel to it with Devin proclaiming that ‘when she gets rich someday, shes gonna buy a new house’

Will this album make her enough to buy a new house? Possibly not, but I would certainly say that if you like an acoustic west coast vibe with a dash of Mitchell and Baez influence,  then this may an album you will be interested in.

Track Listing:

·  Can’t Go On Like This

·  How Do you Do Things

·  Blue Canyon

·  Happier Now

·  Hard To Take

·  Something You Have

·  Round and Round

·  Hung Me Out To Dry

·  Way To Light

Native Harrow are touring throughout August and September and full details are here