sebastian - Thirst

Ed Banger Records - Released 8th Nov

It’s been 8 years since French musician (Sebastien Akchote) released his debut album ‘Total’ back in 2011, but he’s now is back with his second album ‘Thirst’ on the 8th November. 

He’s been a busy boy in the intervening years though working with such luminaries as Frank Ocean, The Beastie Boys and Charlotte Gainsbourg. To say he’s just a musician is perhaps selling him a little short. 

He’s actually the complete package in that he’s also a composer, DJ, producer and mixer, and this new album encapsulates his skills to remarkable effect.

Opener and title track ‘Thirst’ sets the tone for the album with its industrial distorted dance opening interlaced with keyboard, strings and harmonies. This vibe is maintained into ‘Doorman’ feat Syd, whose delicate vocals perfectly compliment the harsh back beat.

This album also features occasional collaborator Charlotte Gainsbourg on ‘Pleasant’ as well as several appearances from people such as Loota, Bakar and Allan Kingdom. 

Sebastian has also worked with Daft Punk and it’s not clear who influenced who here, as much of did remind me of the kings of EDM at times throughout the album. 

Sweet’ showcases his hip-hop influences come through with vocals from ‘Loota’ who uses the by now familiar slightly robotic vocal style used by Kanye West amongst others. Whilst this can be irritating sometimes, he gets away with it on this track.

Stand out track ‘Beograd’ is an epic mid-tempo dance track with shades of Daft Punk, Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder all thrown into the mix for good measure, and by the close has the feel of a movie soundtrack. 

At just over 50 minutes this showcases what Sebastian is all about, and if intelligent carefully crafted dance music is your thing, this will be well worth checking out. 

One final and important point to make is that this album is one of the rare releases these days, in that it gets it gets better each time you listen to it. 

If on the your first listen you’re not sure about it. Give it a second spin, there’s a lot going on within the tracks of this album and we think it’s well worth the effort.

Let’s hope he doesn’t leave it another 8 years before releasing his next effort.

Track list:

1. Thirst 02:19

2. Doorman feat. Syd 03:49

3. Movement 04:27

4. Better Now feat. Mayer Hawthorne 05:41

5. Pleasant feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg 03:41

6. Yebo feat. Allan Kingdom 03:53

7. Sev feat. Sevdaliza 01:58

8. Sweet feat. Loota 02:57

9. Sober feat. Bakar 03:22

10. Time To Talk feat. Sunni Colon 02:37

11. Beograd 05:43

12. Handcuffed To A Parking Meter feat. Sparks 04:29

13. Devoyka 03:44

14. Run For Me feat. Gallant 06:15