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Going For Gold Re Release - Polydor Records - 18th Oct

Originally released on the 31st May 1999 this year marks the 20th anniversary of Shed Sevens compilation album ‘Going for Gold’. The Album is set for a rerelease on the 18th October 2019 and is a must have for any Shed Seven Fan. 

The re-released version of ‘Going for Gold consists of all fifteen tracks from the original 1999 release which were taken from across the bands first three studio albums ’Change Giver’, ‘Maximum High’ and ‘Let it Ride’. Each track however has been stunningly remastered in the Iconic Abbey Road Studios in London meaning Shed Seven has never sounded better.

Although all the tracks on the album have been remastered you may be asking why should I bother with an album which is essentially 20 years old? 

The answer is the fantastic Parr Street Sessions consisting of ‘Disco Down’, ‘Going for Gold’, ‘The Heroes’ and ‘Missing Out’. These tracks were originally recorded for the 1999 special edition CD however are now available on Vinyl for the very first time and given the rise in popularity in vinyl in recent years this will be a must have for any Shed Seven fan. 

The Icing on the cake that is this album are the two previously unreleased tracks recorded at the bands Live at the Forum performance on the 15th November 1996. The two previously unreleased tracks are ‘Chasing Rainbows and ‘Bully Boy’ both of which sound fantastic on this album and demonstrate just how good Shed Seven were and still are when performing live.

The Original 1999 release of ‘Going for Gold’ was a compilation of some of the bands greatest Britpop hits of the 90s and twenty years on this brilliant album has been expertly remastered to sound better that ever. If you are new to Shed Seven then there is no better introduction to the band than this album and for die hard fans this will be an opportunity to revisit some of Shed Sevens classic tracks. 

Track List:

Going for Gold

Disco Down

Getting better

Chasing Rainbows


She Left Me on Friday

On Stand By


High Hopes

Bully Boy

Devil in Your Shoes

Where Have You Been Tonight 

Ocean Pie


The Heroes

Disco Down (Parr Street Studios, Liverpool)

Going for Gold (Parr Street Studios, Liverpool)

The Heroes (Parr Street Studios, Liverpool)

Missing Out (Parr Street Studios, Liverpool)

Chasing Rainbows (Live at The Forum 15.11.1996)

Bully Boy (Live at The Forum 15.11.1996)