the twang - If confronted, just go mad

Released 8th Nov - Jump Cut Records

The Twang are back with their fifth studio album ‘If Confronted Just Go Mad’. 

This is the bands first album in five years, and it is clear that the Birmingham based outfit have not lost their touch.

The album opens with the fantastic ‘Every time’ and with its funk style guitars, driving drum beat and crisp clean vocals this track opens the album in some style and ‘If Confronted Just go Mad’ continues to deliver great tracks throughout. 

It is clear on this album that The Twang have drawn inspiration and influences from a wide range of genres which can be felt through out the record. ‘Time Waits’ is an anthemic track which will undoubtedly sound fantastic played live, ‘Dream’ is a brilliant track and one of my personal favourites on this album with its wailing guitars and the introduction of female vocals this has a slightly psychedelic and at times futuristic/sci-fi feel. 

‘Tinsel Town in The Rain’ is a cover of The Blue Nile’s 80’s synth Pop classic again showing the vast number of influences that can be felt on this album.

After five years away without any new music The Twang are back with a bang with ‘If Confronted Just go mad’

Released this Friday this is an album that surely has something for everyone and is one that you should certainly check out once it is released.

Track List;

Every time

Lovin State

It Feels Like (You’re Wasting My Time)

Million Miles

Time Waits



Went Walking


Tinseltown in the Rain

Nothing Gets Better (feat. Polarbear